Even some of those East Texans who don't typically find themselves prone to depression are struggling. For those who are, this has been a very, very difficult season. If you've ever been diagnosed, you already know this is something you have to manage.

Mornings especially may be rough when you're struggling with sadness. Even if you're not officially "depressed" according to a psychologist, you may find these tips from The Depression Chronicles Instagram page helpful on how to start your morning on a note that may lift your emotions for the rest of your day.

(Disclaimer: These suggestions are for information purposes only and are by no means meant to replace or usurp the advice of your doctor or medical professional.)

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Sourced from Instagram.com/the_depression_chronicles:

Consider moving your alarm clock or phone far enough away from your bed to you'll have to get up to make that incessant noise stop. ;)

Do your best to wake at the same time everyday. This helps your body get into a rhythm. While you're at it, make sure you get up early enough so you have time to peacefully get ready for your day. Panic isn't the best way to begin a calm day.

Although it may seem contrived at first, smile as soon as you awaken. It does get easier, and some studies reveal that just the act of smiling can help your mood.

After you brush your teeth, drink a large glass of water before you do anything else. Important.

Even if it's just five minutes, set aside some quiet time, breathe, and give yourself a moment to be still.

Turn on music that you find uplifting. Bonus points if you move around or dance. It'll get some endorphins flowing.

Look over your schedule for the day so you can mentally prepare. (If you've not made a schedule, start doing this the day before. It really, really helps.)

Imagine how you'd like to feel when this day comes to an end and behave accordingly. What 1-3 things do you need to accomplish today to make sure when evening comes, you have a sense of accomplishment? (They don't have to be big things.)

When you're making breakfast, be mindful about it. Do it with care. If you can, while it cooks, knock out one little chore. It'll give you a sense of being ahead of the chaos.

Mindfully enjoy your breakfast without your phone.

I know it's hard at first, but take at least 60 seconds to look in the mirror, smile, and give yourself an affirming pep talk. Just like smiling, it'll feel awkward at first but becomes a life-affirming habit.

Sending love. Let me know how it goes.

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