A lawsuit filed in Harris County, Texas claims that a Louisiana Arby's was grossly negligent in the death of a Texas woman who worked there. Horrifically, the man who discovered her was her son.

Neuyet Le was discovered in the walk-in freezer by one of her sons on May 11 when he, as an employee of the restaurant, arrived at the store around 10 a.m. to perform opening duties, reports state.

The lawsuit described some of the terrible details, including that the woman had beaten her hands bloody in an attempt to escape the freezer. Normally, Le worked at a Houston Arby's but was managing the Louisana location per the company's request.


An Arby's Restaurant In Dawsonville, Georgia
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I have worked jobs with "walk-ins" before, and if you have as well, then you know that they are built with safety measures to prevent anyone from getting locked inside. They can get extremely cold and unsafe quickly if you were to get trapped inside. This freezer likely, "ranged from 5 to -20 degrees."

However, those fail-safes can and will fail if they are broken, and apparently, this freezer door's latch had been for quite some time. Employees had been using a screwdriver to open the door and a box of oil to keep it propped open. That is wildly unsafe, especially for a lone employee.

To make matters worse, the lawsuit alleges that the regional manager knew about the broken latch for, "at least nine months."  I'm not sure how much a new latch would have cost the company, but I imagine it would have been less than the $1 million dollars of damages this lawsuit is seeking.

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