Usher is very busy in Las Vegas preparing for his residency at Caesars Palace this summer and he became a trending topic on social media, not for that or his music, but for his new "currency".

According to USA Today, the "Bad Habits" singer was the topic of social media outrage/fun as it was discovered that him and his crew left behind fake money with Usher's picture on it that the socials have now dubbed "Ush Bucks" at a strip club in Vegas recently.

Turns out the social media rumors were not true according to the Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club director of marketing Greg Wilson who said that Usher and his team converted thousands of dollars to tip the dancers and left the staff of the club a generous tip for their services. The confusion started according to the report, when someone from Usher's team left  the "Ush Bucks" at the club to promote his upcoming Vegas residency.   The singer recently posted a promo photo of himself in the desert with a see through suitcase full of the "Ush Bucks" so hopefully this puts an end to the all the chatter. 


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