Did you know that Texas is not only home to a few volcanos, but hundreds of them?!

The Lone Star State has around 200 volcanos within its borders. But don't worry too much, they are all extinct at the moment and are -- mostly -- unlikely to erupt again.

Why are the Texas volcanos no longer active?

Each of these once-active volcanos no longer has a magma supply from the Earth's mantle. Without a supply, they cannot erupt.

Volcanos initially become dormant and then extinct. Whereas a dormant volcano could erupt again, an extinct one has not erupted for thousands of years and is not expected to, according to Universe Today.

The last volcanic eruption in Texas, Three Dike Hill, occurred 30 million years ago in West Texas. So I'd say we don't really need to worry about an eruption anytime soon.

And to be honest, if we did need to worry, I wouldn't know what to do. When it comes to any type of natural disaster, I'm out. So let's hope those volcanos never revive, though I doubt they will.

Can an extinct volcano erupt again?

While there really is no need to worry about a volcanic eruption in Texas, some geologists do believe an extinct volcano could become active once again.

There have been times in the past when a volcano was thought extinct, but it later erupted and caused mass destruction. Mount Vesuvius, which destroyed Pompeii in AD 79 is one example of a volcano thought inactive. However, it is also fair to say people did not fully understand volcanos at the time, so that played a large role in it as well.

There are volcanos that are 100% extinct, with only a heavily eroded lava plug remaining, according to Universe Today. 

Where are the volcanos in Texas?

Until doing some research, I didn't realize there were any volcanos in Texas. The only ones I've ever seen have been in other countries, and I'll admit they are pretty cool to look at... when they aren't doing anything.

I think it would be pretty interesting to check out the once-active volcanos in Texas though, so let's get into some of them:

Look at These Volcanos Still in Texas Today

There are several areas in Texas where you can find remains of extinct volcanos. Check out some of those places here:

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