With school out very soon, it's time to start planning for the summer. You know, unless you plan to have kids running around your living room during an extended, three-month-long recess period!

Discovery Science Place in Tyler is offering 8 camps throughout summertime and they look awesome. These are certainly different from your typical summer camps.

June 12 - June 16

Engineering Knowhow

Discovery Science Place YouTube
Discovery Science Place YouTube

If you want to flex the construction part of your brain, this camp will do it for you. Campers will race to build towers, bridges and other structures.

Marble roller coasters may even make an appearance as students learn how engineers work together to solve problems!

June 19 - June 23

Space Place

What's NOT fascinating about space!? Campers will learn about our universe.

Space-X, exoplanets, NASA… Rockets will take off, habitats will be constructed, and mission plans will be drafted

June 26 - June 30

Lego Robotics

Discovery Science Place YouTube
Discovery Science Place YouTube

DSP says this is one of the big favorites over summer. I mean of course it would be - you're never too old to build robots.

Students will learn teamwork, the basics of coding, as well as design principles for their robots. Sign up early for this camp!

July 10 - July 14

3D Modeling featuring Minecraft


OK. I really wish I was a kid for this camp because Minecraft and 3D printers didn't exist when I was a youngin'. Campers will learn about the modeling process and create digital items, eventually turning them into tangible objects.

Students will create items in Minecraft that we will be printed on our 3d printers later in the week.

July 17 - July 21

Sound and Light

2006 Seoul Drum Festival
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Another incredibly unique camp that teaches about music as well as sound and light. Campers will get to create their own instruments and also experiment with 'mirrors, lasers and fog machines'.

July 24 - July 28

Take Flight

As the name suggests, "If it can fly or move through the air, we will try to build it!" Some of the objects listed include paper planes, helicopters, rockets and parachutes.

July 31 - August 4

Kitchen Chemistry

Better at Discovery Science Place's kitchen then the one at your home, am I right? This camp is considered one of the coolest and messiest DSP has to offer.

All kinds of cool chemistry experiments start with items that can be found in your own kitchen. Slime, instant snow, ice cream, oobleck and more can be created with just a few ingredients.

August 7 - August 11

Make it Move

The last camp of the season will mess around with speed. Campers will learn about what causes motion and the basic physics involved.

Campers in our last camp of the season will get to fly, drive, and rocket creations all around their classrooms.

So there you have it. Discover Science Place at University of Texas Tyler Center offers some hands-on and unique camps that are not only fun, but educational. For more information on each camp or to register online, visit their website, Discovery Science Place.

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