How many times have you heard someone say when a kid is acting crazy, "Blame it on the full moon!" Is there really any truth to that? Can the shape of the moon make a child act a fool?

I know a pediatric dentist that has noticed that patients under the age of 12 become more unruly when the moon is full. She believes with all her might that the full moon can leads to misbehavin' and acting up.

So what's the truth?

New research shows a full moon does NOT lead to a spike in psychological problems.

Science Daily says the researchers looked at 771 patients who visited emergency rooms, and found a large number of them suffered from panic attacks, mood disorders, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Then the scientists looked at the lunar calendar to see if there was any correlation. There was not.

Maybe a full moon doesn't send us to the ER with a panic attack, but many of us might keep right on believing that a full moon has some sort of psychological effect that makes us act a little like a wild animal. Come on researchers, let us blame it on something.

See if you notice any strange activity tomorrow. The next full moon in Tyler is expected tomorrow, November 28th.