Have you ever used a magnifying glass to start a fire? It's amazing how fast a fire can start from just the sun. It guess that is why solar panels are a thing. There are also objects that you could leave in your car that could start a fire. Like the humble bottle of water. I have heard before that there is a possibility of starting a fire with a water bottle left in the car. Just like the magnifying glass, the clear liquid concentrates the sun's rays and if focused on a small point, could start a fire.

Just like that water bottle, a container of hand sanitizer could also amplify the suns rays and catch the inside of your vehicle on fire. The irony is that you might, if you catch it soon enough be able to put out the fire, if you had a bottle of water. I know it's not a laughing matter, but you have to see the humor in everything right?

Most hand sanitizer is clear, so you could theoretically make a fire with the hand sanitizer using the suns rays. It's also flammable so if you do start a fire that way, it could put even more fuel on the fire if it ignites the hand sanitizer.

We have a lot more structure fires than we do vehicle fires in the nation. So sometimes you don't think about them. Cars have gotten much better over the years, thankfully not catching on fire of their own volition as much as they did 40 years ago.

So put the hand sanitizer under the seat or in a glove box, or do what I do, just keep it in your backpack and keep it inside. Don't leave it in Cheryl's She Shed window either.

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