Hey, he started it! Drake Bell engaged in a Twitter war with Beliebers, riling them up by insulting Justin Bieber, tweeting photos of him being attended to by a makeup artist and comparing him to Miley Cyrus. The result? A torrent of retaliatory tweets that wished cancer and certain death on the Nickelodeon actor.

The tweet heat between Bell, who is 26, and the Beliebers, who are usually 18 and under, went on for hours and he later admitted that he wanted to see just how ugly it could get. Well, we scanned his feed and boy, was it hideous. But then again, he asked for it by picking on Bieber. He also seemed to fully understand that the Belieber nation knows how to digitally divide and conquer, and how to use social media as a butcher knife, hacking away at those who dare to insult The Biebs.

He even invited Beliebers that threatened him to meet him at the airport when he landed since he was taking a flight.

Some choice tweets that stoked the fires of Belieber ire are below. If you have all day to waste, you can scan through the dozens upon dozens of tweets on Bell's feed.

Why didn't Rosie O'Donnell come to his rescue?

And now, for a laugh...

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