It’s gotta be tough for actors and directors when folks don’t like their movie, especially when a lot of those folks are the critics driving the scores on review aggregation websites before the movie has a chance to hit theaters. Baywatch has officially been out since Wednesday, and the critical reception has been… less than great. Some regular non-critics seem to dig the film, which The Rock was quick to pick up on.

In the midst of retweeting positive reviews of his new movie, Dwayne Johnson tweeted Thursday morning that there seems to be a marked discrepancy in how critics and audiences are receiving Baywatch.

Oh, critics. They just hate fun.

Honestly, it wouldn‘t hurt for him to be more graceful about the situation, as the best thing for an actor to do when their movie gets bad reviews is to say nothing about it and concentrate on the positive. No one is more enthusiastic about a movie that Dwayne Johnson stars in than Dwayne Johnson. And it’s clearly audience taste that drives most movies — there’ve been, what, four films featuring Minions now?

Speaking of, if you’re one of those who did like Baywatch, good news: at a New York City screening of the movie this week, per Variety, producer Beau Flynn shared that the plans for a sequel are already in place. It would bring back Johnson and Zac Efron’s characters, and might even take the team of lifeguards overseas for some Fast & Furious-style vacations-disguised-as-movies.

Baywatch is currently playing.

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