I'm sure everyone felt what I felt this morning when they peered out their windows. It felt like Christmas morning, right?

So that's why we asked y'all to send us your best pics and videos from where you are - we got a bunch so we wanted to share with you some of our favorites. The first one is is a small twist on Cajun Sledding. You can't help but smile listening and watching this little East Texas girl experience 'high speeds' before coming to a hilarious stop. Thanks Casey Pettey for letting us share! Don't worry, she had fun!

Check out some of the photos our listeners sent in today. They're cute/beautiful/breathtaking/funny - basically they'll make your day!

By the way if you're looking for a couple really good laughs, click the two comments below. One listener actually slips and falls on camera (I think she's OK). And the other listener blows up a snowman! You're welcome.


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