The state of Texas is riddled with haunted tales and legends, and East Texas seems to have more of it than any other part of the state! So let's tally this up: tornadoes, snakes, and ghosts!?

I came across an article on where they compiled a list of 10 Haunted Roads in East Texas That Will Make You $%#! Yourself and apparently there are plenty of them in our surrounding areas.  According to stories from the locals, either a tragic accident happened to where the individuals died, or their remains are still there as their final resting place.  Let's take a closer look at some of these "Haunted Roads"


I have always loved the circus as a kid and even took my kids a few times.  However, this circus has sort of a creepy vibe after hearing about what happened on the intersection between Wilson and West College Street.  The story of Monkey Bridge comes from the circus coming to town before the train derailed - killing all of the performers and animals.  Fast forward to the present day, locals claim that they can hear or see the dead animals walking on the bridge. I wonder if Stephen King got the "Pet Cemetery" concept from this accident.



Now this story in Marshall creeps me out!  Legend has it that Stagecoach Road has been cursed since the 1800’s.  There was a voodoo priestess from New Orleans who was forced out eventually took up residency in Marshall.  Nevertheless, the locals of the town weren’t too welcoming because of her powers and they hung her from a tree.  This area is so popular that ghost hunting groups have more than quadrupled in recent years.


DEVIL'S BACKBONE - East Texas Hill Country

This country road has a lot of deep history of paranormal activity.  According to legend, Devil's Backbone is haunted by Confederate soldiers who can be seen walking along the road by sunset as told by the locals.  According to the Devil’s Backbone Tavern is has plenty of paranormal activity as well.  They even have a sign on the tavern’s mantle that says,

Ghost Warning – If Doors and Windows Open And Close By Them Selves, Just Ignore It. It’s Just Our Ghost Trying to Get Attention.


Hopper Stone/Columbia Pictures
Hopper Stone/Columbia Pictures

Today is National Paranormal Day, and before you ask me, yes it's an actual day.  That’s where individuals who believe in paranormal activities get together and share their stories.  Do I believe in paranormal activity?  Yes, I actually do and I have even experienced it while staying in a hotel when I was New Orleans back in 1999.  I am very curious about these places and might check them out and see what I come across. However, I'll bring back up just in case I see something out of the ordinary.

Have you experienced paranormal activity in East Texas? Let us know how it went!

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