Finally! 'Divergent' finally lands in multiplexes today (March 21). In this behind-the-scenes footage related to the soundtrack and the score, we learn how integral British singer Ellie Goulding, whose fingerprints are all over the music in the film, was to the process. She also helped to create heroine Tris' inner voice.

"I got involved in 'Divergent' because the makers of the film and Junkie [XL], who is producing all the music, wanted me to either provide some songs or just work with Junkie and provide my vocals and my input on the film. So I went to L.A. to watch a screening of it and I loved it," Goulding explained in the video released by Interscope Records.

Goulding boarded the project and after the fact, Junkie XL called her an intricate part of the score, saying Goulding's voice and positioning of sounds help with "creating that inner voice of the main character that speaks to the audience."

The director also said that Goulding's voice gets the viewer right into Tris' head and helps drive things forward in an energetic way.

So Goulding's role was extremely integral.

"It's a beautiful story and futuristic, and really epic, and a classic kind of love story. I think people are going to love it," the singer mused.

She's probably right! The film is expected to draw big box office numbers, according to industry bean counters.

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