In what sounds like a throwback moment to Bonnie and Clyde, two people are dead after a full-on shootout with Texas Law Enforcement.

Putnam County Sheriffs Dept.
Putnam County Sheriff's Department

WJAR reports that authorities stopped a tractor-trailer in Donley County, Texas. The couple inside the truck, Edward and Elizabeth Stevenson, Tennesse residents were transporting millions of dollars worth of cocaine. They were both killed during a traffic stop in a shootout, enforcement authorities said.


They were first identified through undercover buys of illegal drugs, according to the Putnam Tennesse County Sheriff's Office. The undercover work allowed investigators to get a search warrant for the Stevensons' home, where detectives uncovered nearly a pound of suspected methamphetamine, suspected fentanyl, multiple firearms, body armor, and ammunition on Thursday, the sheriff's office said.

Putnam County Sheriffs Department
Putnam County Sheriff's Department

During the search, detectives learned that the Stevensons were driving a semi-truck through Texas with illegal drugs and were armed. "Both Edward and Elizabeth had made previous statements that they would die by 'suicide by cop' if law enforcement attempted to stop them," the sheriff's office said.

Detectives immediately notified the Donley County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety about the couple.

When deputies in Donley County tried to pull over the semi-truck, officials said the couple continued to drive for several miles before coming to a stop. Edward and Elizabeth then exited the vehicle and opened fire on deputies and troopers, the sheriff's office said. The Stevensons were killed in the ensuing shootout.

The tractor-trailer was searched, and Deputies found about 64 pounds of suspected cocaine valued at an estimated $3.4 million. The sheriff's office said the drugs appeared to be en route to Tennessee.

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