In addition to 'Frankenweenie' being a ton of fun (and a classic Tim Burton tale), it's also a beautiful film; a technical and artistic marvel. Did you know that during production it took two full days just to shoot just two seconds of footage for the stop-motion animated movie? So how do they do it? In this exclusive 360° video, director Tim Burton takes us on a tour of the 'Frankenweenie' set to show us how the magic is made.

With the player below, you can control the camera as Burton and producer Allison Abbate walk us through the 'Frankenweenie' pet cemetery set and explain how they're making the movie. What's fascinating is that as Burton is talking about one specific scene, you can spin the camera around by clicking and dragging the arrow cursor on the screen and watch some of the artists working in the background, constructing new props for the film. And as you scroll around, you'll see little green circles pop up that allow viewers to click for more in-detailed information (including a making-of featurette, behind-the-scenes photos and more).

We wish there were more movies like 'Frankenweenie' - a loving nod to all the classic monster movies - when we were kids but thanks to Disney and Tim Burton, kids today have some wonderful, weird options when it comes to their animated films.

'Frankenweenie' hits theaters tomorrow and you can watch the exclusive 360° set tour below (you can click the rectangle in the lower right corner next to the ? to watch in full-screen):