If you are looking for a good scare for Halloween, get your friends together and head over to World of Khaos Haunted House in Tyler.

This is just a 5-minute sample of the scary good time your group will have in one of their two haunts - Blackwater Bayou. It took about 20 minutes so this is only a quarter of the great scares you'll encounter! (Don't worry, we're putting a video together of their second haunt - Karnevil tomorrow!).

I am not one to be easily scared but there were moments that got me really good. Check out the haunt and laugh at some of our reactions.

They are open weekends through Halloween and will be doing something special this Friday: FRIDAY THE 13TH! Also, on Sundays, the turn out the lights and give you a glowstick to use as a lantern.

Check out more about World of Khaos HERE and their schedule HERE.

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