We've all been there and have been nervous as hell - but somehow we all get through it...the dreaded first date.  On Monday, Mix 93-1 asked the following question on our Facebook page...

Mix 93-1 has a new intern and he's just now entering the dating scene (after being out of it for 2 years) and he was asking us where is the best place to go on a first date here in East Texas.

When we posed this question to you...y'all really came through with some great places for him to take his date to:

Shoguns. They break the ice with all the action.
Bernard's Mediterranean restaurant
Genghis Grill. Yummy!!
Villa Montez
Jake's On The Square

Thanks for all of the great suggestions.  Now our new intern should have a pretty good idea on where to take her on their first date.  And just in case you see a nervous couple out this weekend, it could be our intern on his first date!

If you've got some other great ideas for restaurants or things to do on dates let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks again for all the suggestions and the help!

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