It's no secret as to how much rain we've gotten so far this year in East Texas. And now that's created quite the bug problem.

While fleas and mosquitoes are no stranger to East Texas, this year it appears we're having bigger problems than normal with both because of the wet weather. As the temperatures rise and there remains standing water, we're seeing major infestation problems.

UT Tyler biologist Dr. Blake Bextine told KLTV that with several different mosquito species in East Texas, there's always a concern of West Nile virus or chikungunya. But there are steps that can be taken to help keep mosquitoes away.

In addition to plants you can own that repel mosquitoes, be sure and wear clothing that covers your arms and legs, and spray larvicide in shaded areas. And if you can remove standing water, that can only help.

As for fleas, keep a close eye on your pets. If you think your pet has fleas, get them treated sooner than later. Consistency is the key when you're treating your pet for fleas. Once you start, don't stop.

"All the pets have to be treated and you have to treat the premises especially if you have an outbreak," Dr. John Schell told CBS 19. "It's a year-round battle here for the most part and we don't have anything we've found so far that's going put them into extinction, so it keeps us busy and pet owners, too."