After a successful run collaborating with Justin Bieber on some of pop radio's most infectious hits in recent memory, Skrillex and Diplo have reportedly teamed up with another unlikely artist: Florence Welch is working with the duo (under their Jack U moniker) on a currently-untitled new project.

Diplo shared two snippets from the track via Snapchat, and they feature Florence’s unmistakable vocals as she sings “constellation around your heart.” Those videos were later posted to a Florence and the Machine updates Twitter. You can check them out below.

Die Antwoord’s Ninja also appears in one of the videos, drawing on a notepad, which is later revealed to say, “constellation around your heart, it will be okay.”

If the promise of a new collaborative effort between Jack U and Florence and the Machine is somehow not enough incentive for you to hit "play," maybe this next video of Florence playing with a bulldog puppy will. It should, anyway.

A release date for the track has yet to be announced, but it may not be the only Jack U song coming out within the next few months.

According to a recent interview with the producer, Diplo recorded another song with Bieber (that we suspect might be "I'll Be There," which leaked earlier this year) that has yet to be officially released to radio.

"That guy’s a little beast..We actually have a crazy track that we never put out with him, like a rap song that you might see in the summertime,” he told Fuse at the 2016 Brit Awards. “He’s busy, he’s gonna promote his album for a long time. It’s hard with artists that big. Luckily we got ‘Where R U Now?’ out right before his thing started.”

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