Here's to proposing a special Grammy for Excellent Achievement in Tour Rider Creativity. We know Dave Grohl is the bestest dude in a band right now, and yet he insists on proving it again and again... and today, again. Consequence of Sound directed us to Foo Fighters' tour rider on the Smoking Gun. Part Seven is called "Foo Fighters Field Guide to Food Coloring Book and Activity Pages." It is a coloring book and set of mazes and word-finds that perfectly skewers the whole idea of a tour rider -- a list of provisions a performer requires on the road.

From The Amplifier


The full rider is 52 pages (which makes Katy Perry's 45-page rider look like a mere pamphlet -- an obnoxious pamphlet, but still), and in the intro to this section on eating and drinking, tour manager Gus Brandt writes, "Check out the attached pages and take them at least seriously. If we've offended you then you probably weren't that bright to begin with." Brilliant.

The "Catering Dont's Word Hunt" includes "cheap a** soda" and "horse boogers." An activity page asks readers to circle the items that belong in a salad (there's a set of keys in here, leading us to believe Foo Fighters have endured some horrific salad snafus). There's a helpful guide to distinguishing a "lame entree" from an "awesome entree."