This is a big wow for me because I would have never even thought of food stamps for pets. But there is one organization pushing for this to come true.

Look, we all understand there are difficult times ahead of us and many of us are still going through tough times now in our current economic climate. Many of us own pets, and we all know that pets are very important to us.

But, this is a whole other situation.

There is an organization for people who currently get food stamps or are low-income families will have availability to also get help for their pets. This would be a donation-based idea that is spreading with 45,000 people already signed up in New York.

The company, called Pet Food Stamps, seems to think it would work and could flourish later down the line with government support, although people with the group said that's not in their plans right now.

“We’re not looking for government funding at this point,” director Mark Okan told “Should the government be willing to provide assistance further down the line, we will look into it.”

Do you think this is a good idea?

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