Like so many people in Texas, I am a proud dog owner. My two dogs (Cooper and Gypsy) make life better. Whether I've had a hard day at work or just want to relax these two amazing animals make life so much better by showing unconditional love. No matter what chaos is going on in the world they just want to love on you and try to get a few treats.

Adoptable Dog in Tyler, TX
Tyler Animal Services

If you've been thinking about possibly getting a dog or a cat anytime soon this might be the perfect time to find a new furry family member because Tyler Animal Services in Tyler, Texas have free adoptions through the month of June with a donation. The goal is to use the food donations to restock the Community Pet Food Bank.

The Community Pet Food Bank was set up for people who can't afford to feed their pet and assist them in those instances. Many people who look to surrender their pet is just going through a temporary money issue, they don't want East Texans to lose their pet over a temporary problem.

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What Donation is Needed for a Free Adoption?

If anyone donates six bags of dog or cat food weighing 15 lbs or more than they are eligible for a free pet adoption. If you have any questions you're encouraged to contact Tyler Animal Control and Shelter 903-535-0045 or visit the shelter at 4218 Chandler Highway.

All Pets from Tyler Animal Services

All pets up for adoption have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and received their vaccination. If you want to see all pets available for adoption, you can click here. Just remember they are your furever family, they need to stay with you forever.

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