Research indicates that working more than the traditional 40 hours a week can actually have a detrimental effect on people, making them unproductive while on the clock. Well, duh! After all that time working, your eyes are bound to start glazing over and mistaking those oh-so-important TPS reports for used coffee filters.

While more and more Americans continue to chalk up at least 50 hours a week on the job, going back to 40 would mean people can get re-acquainted with the joy of seeing a beautiful sunset. But that’s not the only benefit. Just imagine all the other great things you can do with your newfound free time if you only worked 40 hours a week:

1. Re-learn that ‘overtime’ is a term meant only for football, basketball and hockey.

2. Watch all nine hours of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that TBS airs each night.

3. Spend time eating in front of the TV, so you can be just as fat and out of shape as the rest of the country.

4. Get a second job to help pay your mortgage.

5. Come up with a clever way to ask out that pretty girl in accounting once you return to the office.

6. Get a third job to help pay your health insurance.

7. Work up a sweat because you’re so nervous about asking out that pretty girl in accounting.

8. Get a fourth job to make up for the fact that the third job cut back your hours because your boss saw you were getting tired from the work you’re doing on the second job you needed to take to get more money than you make from just your first job.

9. Come up with a great excuse for calling in sick the day after the pretty girl in accounting rejects you.

10. Go back to work because you’re just so frustrated watching the news when all the presidential candidates claim they’re going to fix the economy.

11. Instead of your work computer, use your personal laptop to go on Facebook, check on your fantasy teams and look at ‘artistic’ photos of women.

12. Figure out the algorithm that explains exactly why people care so much about the Kardashians.