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#FreeBritney Seeks Congressional Hearing

The case surrounding Britney Spears’ conservatorship batle might be on its way to Congress. Rep. Matt Gretzky (R-FL) is requesting a hearing on court-ordered conservatorships by the House Judiciary Committee. He cites Britney Spears as “the most striking example.” However, there has been no discussion about the hearing yet. (via TMZ)

Majority of People Working Remotely Have Better Relationship With Co-Workers

A new study by Canva revealed that 76 percent of people have found they have a better relationship with their co-workers ever since they started working from home. Almost half of people say working remotely has also improved their ability to collaborate with colleagues. (via MSN)

Netflix Announces Documentary About Last Remaining Blockbuster

Video might have killed the radio star, but streaming has put buying movies nearly out of business. Netflix has announced a new documentary about the last remaining Blockbuster. The documentary will follow the Blockbuster located in Bend, Oregon, and will feature interviews with fans, employees and people in the video industry. The doc will be released March 15.

Chrissy Teigen Had an Embarrassing Celebrity Encounter

Appearing on Jimmy Fallon, Chrissy Teigen talked about her worst celebrity encounter. The moment took place at the Golden Globes, when she saw a man holding a bottle of champagne and, mistaking him for a waiter, took the bottle from him. She did say “thank You,” but when she got back to her husband, he told her that it wasn’t a waiter — it was actor Michael Keaton! (via Just Jared)

Lyft Bans Rider Who Attacked Uber Driver

Lyft is not messing around. The company has permanently banned a woman who refused to wear a mask, coughed on and attacked an Uber driver. The rider and driver got into a dispute over the mask policy when the passenger coughed on the driver and ripped off his mask. After Uber banned the rider, the passenger said she was going to sue Uber and only take Lyft moving forward, though that's certainly not going to happen now. (via TMZ)

Taylor Swift Is Getting Her Own Mural

After being replaced by Brad Paisley in the famous “Legends Corner” mural, Taylor Swift Will be getting her own mural in Nashville. The art will feature a stained glass style highlighting both her country and pop music roots. (via TMZ)

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