Make it big enough in the music world, and you'll be invited to play all sorts of amazing gigs -- but being asked to perform at a presidential inauguration is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and one that the members of fun. aren't taking for granted.

Frontman Nate Ruess opened up to MTV about the band's amazing Inauguration Day gig before it all went down, describing their anticipation by saying, "I was writing a set list for it, and three of the songs could be closely related to how we feel about Obama and the change he's been involved in making. For me, it's super, super emotional."

In fact, President Obama has a way of bringing emotion out of Ruess, as evidenced by his follow-up comments. "At Christmas I was sitting on the couch with my mom, and there's tragic stuff happening," Ruess recalled, "and we flipped [the channel] over and they were talking about the 10 best people of the year or something like that, and Obama came in at No. 1. And considering all the events recently, I just broke down and was like, 'He's so cool.' My mom was like, 'Yeah.'"

But that doesn't mean he's too starstruck to joke about trying to get the Commander-in-Chief a little rowdy at his inauguration ball. Admitting that he was hoping the president would heckle his bandmate Andrew Dost, Ruess cracked, "That's kind of what we're hoping for. He doesn't have to say anything to us, as long as he heckles Andrew. Maybe de-pants him or something. I guess Obama could get cooler. He could de-pants Andrew."

Watch a Clip of fun. Performing at Inauguration Ball 2013

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