Last week in China, people were going to the mall just as they would any normal day. They may have been looking for Christmas presents or shopping for themselves. But some lucky shoppers got a lot more than they expected. I don't think that a shark was on anyone's shopping list.

Bystanders in Shanghai were just admiring the beautiful 33-ton shark tank in the mall when it burst. It happened so quickly that no one around was able to get out of the way or more importantly get a video of it. Lucky for us one of the security cameras caught it on tape.

There are about four people standing around the tank not paying any attention. Then the camera briefly shakes and all of a sudden the tank explodes, with water and sharks flying everywhere. Reports indicated that 15 people were injured - 8 shoppers and 7 mall employees. There were also three sharks that died during the incident.

There is still no explanation as to why the tank exploded. Some think that it may have been due to a cold front that came through Shanghai that day. The tank was only two years old and was a popular spot among mall visitors. Mall representatives stated they have no plan on rebuilding it. That's probably a smart idea.

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