Regionals are here, but this week, ‘Glee”s not about hogging the spotlight. The show takes on a very important issue this week, and PopCrush is here to recap everything.

Rachel, while pouring over bridal magazines with a less-than-enthused Kurt, is approached by the Warbler that everyone loves to hate, Sebastian. It seems like, after nearly blinding Blaine, he’s at it again, blackmailing Rachel into not performing at Regionals. He’s photoshopped some naughty pics of Finn, and threatens to put them online unless Rachel drops out of regionals, giving the Warblers a shot at winning. Finn is mad, but Rachel won’t back down, proclaiming “I love you and we’re gonna get through this together.”

Sue drops a bomb on Quinn. She’s pregnant, but she’s not telling who the father is. Quinn tells Sue that she wants to rejoin the Cheerios, and Sue shoots her down in classic Sue fashion.

Blaine has been working on a new song for Regionals, and as he sings ‘Cough Syrup’ by Young the Giant, we see David Karofsky at a new school and on a new football team, coming into the locker room to find anti-gay graffiti on his locker. As Blaine sings the emotional song, Karofsky goes home to find bullying on Facebook, and finding it too much to take, he decides to take his own life.

Karofsky is alive after his attempted hanging, but the attempt has hit home at McKinley High. Principal Figgins claims that it wasn’t the educators job to know what was going on in David’s life, but as Emma says, “then whose job was it?”

Kurt, after rejecting David at the end of the ‘Heart’ episode, feels especially responsible for his attempted suicide, claiming that he should have been there for Karofsky, even after what he put him through.

Finn and Rachel have also felt the effect of the tragedy, and feeling that life is too precious to spend waiting, have decided to get married this week, right after they compete at Regionals. Finn has decided that he wants Rachel to perform, but Sebastian’s threats have proved to be moot, as it appears the Warbler has had a change of heart. Sebastian apologizes to Blaine for the Slushee incident, tells Rachel that the blackmail pics are gone, and says he is going to dedicate The Warblers’ performance at regionals to David Karofsky.

Will opens up to the Glee Club, giving them a speech about the importance of valuing your own life. He tells of his own suicide attempt in his junior year at McKinley. “Look at all the things I would have missed out on,” he says, and he tells everybody to think of something they’re looking forward to. They all share, and Rory says what everyone’s thinking: “I’m looking forward to winning at regionals.”

At Regionals, Sebastian leads The Warblers in a heartfelt performance of ‘Stand’ by Lenny Kravitz and ‘Glad You Came‘ by the Wanted. Both songs are obviously nods to David Karofsky, and to the courage to stay alive.

Finn announces backstage that he and Rachel are getting married after the performance, and while not everyone is thrilled, nobody lets it ruin their momentum. The New Directions start with an epic mashup of ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ by R. Kelly, showcasing Rachel, Artie, Santana and Blaine. Following this, Brittany, Santana and Mercedes do a powerful rendition of Kelly Clarkson‘s hit single ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).’ Everyone is into it, including Sebastian and (gasp!) Sue. Rachel, backed by the New Directions, then sings ‘Here’s to Us’ by Halestorm, and looks at Finn the whole time. The crowd is on their feet, feeling the love.

The New Directions take home a much-deserved regionals trophy, and even though the Warblers are disappointed with second place, it appears that Sebastian has made his peace with the New Directions.

Sue tells Quinn she’s an inspiration, and gives her old Cheerios uniform back to her. Quinn is thankful, and decides to tell Rachel that she wants to come to the wedding. Rachel makes her a bridesmaid.

Kurt visits David in hospital, and apologizes for not returning his calls. David understands, considering all that he put Kurt through, and rasps “why would you?” Kurt tells him that the road to acceptance is not going to be easy, but offers him a vision of hope: In 10 years, he’ll have left all of this behind, will have met the man of his dreams and forgotten all the heartache. David asks Kurt to be friends, and Kurt accepts.

Sue congratulates Will on the Glee club’s win. She tells him she’s pregnant, and he’s happy for her. She also tells him that she wants to help the club out in preparing for nationals. She’s so genuinely, sincerely nice about it, we can’t help but wonder what she has planned.

At the wedding, the parents are frantically trying to devise a plan to deter the bride and groom while Rachel frets over Quinn’s absence. She said she’d be there, but is running late. Rachel sends Quinn text after text, asking where she is. Quinn is in the car, running late, and as she is texting Rachel “on my way,” a truck comes out of nowhere, hitting the car. Cut to black. To be continued…

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