The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here: ‘Glee’ takes on Michael Jackson! Popcrush has the run-down, spoilers and all!

The New Directions know better than anybody the power of MJ’s legacy and music. After more than two years and only a couple Michael Jackson numbers, the crew decide to dedicate the whole week to Michael’s music, and Blaine has just the song to kick it off: ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin.’ With all of New Directions as his backup dancers, he moves through the halls and to the auditorium, showing off his best moves and the iconic sequined glove. I think we can all agree when I say this: Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-coo-sah!

New Directions aren’t the only ones feeling Michael Jackson this week. When they’re talking their favorite MJ moments in the coffee shop, Sebastian approaches them and tells them The Warblers are doing MJ too. Naturally, The New Directions are mad as hell, and when Will asks them WWMJD (What Would Michael Jackson Do), Blaine answers with “he’d take it to the streets.” In a tribute to the classic video, they meet The Warblers in a garage for a rendition of ‘Bad.’ Apparently, Sebastian isn’t down with friendly competition, and at the end of the video, he slushees Blaine right in the face, and really hurts him. Blaine’s eye gets injured, and he’s forced to sit the week out at home. Sebastian just doesn’t know when to quit!

The Glee club wants revenge for Blaine’s slushee disaster, and when Will tries to tell them to cool it, Artie goes into rage mode. We slip into a dream sequence with Artie dancing (on two legs!) along with Mike Chang to a killer rendition of ‘Scream.’ Mike as Janet Jackson. So good.

Finn is really riding Rachel about her answer to last week’s proposal, but she thinks things are moving too fast. She goes to Quinn for advice, and the blond bombshell has some exciting news: She got into Yale, and she’s not letting the men in her life hold her back. To drive this home, she totally nails the Jackson 5 classic ‘Never Can Say Goodbye.’ Rachel is more unsure than ever!

Sam tries to get Mercedes back with a duet of ‘Human Nature,’ and — duh — it totally works. Sam / Mercedes kiss moment. Sublime.

Kurt gets the letter he’s been waiting for and (drumroll) he’s a finalist for NYADA! Rachel wants to be excited for him, but she’s just so afraid of not getting in. Her whole future is riding on this. This is intense, guys!

Santana, in the mood for revenge, approaches Sebastian on Warbler turf, and challenges him to a duel. They do an awesome duet of ‘Smooth Criminal’ backed by only two cellos. Santana is victorious, and afterward, she gets Sebastian to admit that he put rock salt in the slushee that struck Blaine nearly blind. She gets his confession on tape, but Kurt wants to get back at Sebastian the honorable way.

Unsure about her future, Rachel tries to talk about the proposal with Finn. Together they sing ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.’ Finn’s voice is good and Rachel’s voice is great, but this is perhaps the most milquetoast Michael cover ever. It sounds like Sonny and Cher! But whatever, Rachel totally says yes! They’re engaged! Weird!

The New Directions take a lesson from Michael and, after inviting The Warblers to the auditorium, they do a song all together that might as well be the ‘Glee’ theme song: ‘Black or White.’ The rendition shows off everybody’s talents, and even has a nod to the original video’s face-morphing scene. Bummer no one smashed a car or turned into a panther at the end. All The Warblers join in, except Sebastian. We probably haven’t seen the last of him.

At the end, Rachel gets her letter from NYADA, and she’s a finalist too! So exciting! But how will this change things between her and Finn?

So what do you think? What Michael song would you have like to see Glee take on? And what? NO MOONWALK?

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