It has been a big problem for a while now of getting imports into ports, getting them unloaded, then delivered to their proper destination. The problem has many reasons with no real relief in sight. Texas Governor Greg Abbott offered some relief by posting a video on his YouTube channel inviting those stuck cargo ships to Texas' ports to be unloaded and shipped to their final destinations.

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The pandemic threw a huge wrench into the workings of the entire world. Now that products are being made and shipped again, it has caused a huge backlog of goods to be left at ports with not enough workers to move those goods to their final destination. Part of that problem is a worker shortage, part of that problem is California regulations, part of the problem is a huge demand of imports.

Governments, both local and federal, need to back off with their ridiculous requirements to help relieve this situation. Also, these shippers need to realize that California is not the only port of entry into out country. That's why Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has put out the invite for ships to power up, make the two week trek around South America, or through the Panama Canal, and dock at Texas ports to get their goods unloaded and shipped to their final destination.

Escape California, everyone is doing it

Using the phrase "Escape California, everyone is doing it," Abbott believes that Texas ports can help ease these enormous shipping backlogs. Sure, California is the quickest and easiest stop for these imports but it's not the only port to drop off stuff. Plus, if your goods are needing to get to stops along the East coast, Texas ports would be a logical drop off point to get to them a little quicker.

What can bring about a solution to our supply chain issue

Of course, buying American made products would help ease this problem. We, as a people, need to urge companies to actually build, or revamp existing, facilities to manufacture products on our own soil and pay those workers accordingly. Both Republicans and Democrats have failed us in keeping manufacturing in our country over the last 30 years or so.

Another question that I have, why aren't these ships heading to ports in say San Diego or Oregon or Washington state? Don't these areas have ports to unload and deliver goods, too? This whole situation does perplex me. But I'm just a lowly deejay whose been laughed at about my political views and how our government as a whole, Republican AND Democrat, has failed this country and created the divide and a majority of the problems we're seeing right now in our country.

There are many people who believe this as well, we're just silenced because most won't accept that we're correct.

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