More than 3 million sets of eyeballs have already seen a viral video of a man pushing his girlfriend off a Utah cliff, prompting her to break up with him on the way down.

In the video you can see Jessica Powell, safely strapped into a harness, standing on the edge of a cliff in Utah. She stood in place for nearly 45 minutes on the edge of a canyon, obviously scared of making the jump from that high.

Creighton Baird spent the time convincing Jessica to make the jump and participate the pendulum swing. She tells him over and over that she doesn't want to do it.

And then, he pushes her.

After she falls, you can hear her scream at him, "I'm breaking up with you!"

What would you do if your significant other did this to you?

As it turns out, Jessica didn't end up breaking up with Creighton, but you can bet he got a good slap in the face afterward.

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