It's been more than 60 years since the release of Disney's Peter Pan, but last night (March 8), Tinker Bell assumed the role of Gwen Stefani and filled James Corden's Late Late Show studio with swirling clouds of pixie dust.

Stefani, whose third studio album is due out next week, took "Make Me Like You" to the late-night CBS show's stage for a set that was as bubbly and twinkling as the song's hopeful sentiment. Above, the singer can barely contain a smile as she grooves through the summery disco-pop tune, written about being gobsmacked by a new romance with Blake Shelton.

And the song, the second single from This Is What The Truth Feels Like, already has a history of exciting live performances. Stefani filmed the track's music video live during a commercial break at the 2016 Grammy Awards. The whimsical project included a trip through a colorful beauty shop, roller-skating around a spiraling rink and, naturally, a bar called "Blake's."

Waxing optimistic will be a clear theme across Truth, Stefani told Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 16.

"This whole album is really about just trying to take something that was awful and just healing from it and turning it into something beautiful," she noted.

Watch the performance above, and be sure to pick up a copy of This Is What The Truth Feels Like on March 18!

Look back at Gwen Stefani's "Used To Love You" debut in New York City:

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