Celebrating Halloween early this Saturday, I saw a lot of girls wearing high heels. The ones that did not full out fall down tripped and wobbled down the road. If you are going to wear them, you need to do it correctly. 

Nothing takes the sexy out of high heels like walking like a duck and falling over. The swing of the hips and lift of the butt are why women put their feet through the torture of the heel. If worn wrong, the heel loses it allure. If you don't want people to make fun of you instead of envying you, learn how to properly walk in heels.

Here is a video to aid the needing of education.

If you are worried that you will still mess up wearing the heels, don't worry. Everyone, even the seasoned pro, trips and wobbles every once in a while. To boost your confidence, here is a video of some professionals falling in their heels.

Good luck ladies. I hope to see everyone standing tall and steady in their heels from Halloween on.