With Mother's Day this Sunday, I get the opportunity to tell the special women in my life just how much I care. Yes, I said women.Not only do I have a super mom, but I am blessed to have a great step-mother two. My parents split when I was nine years old, so both women had a hand in shaping me into the woman I am today.

They are both loving, kind and generous. My mom spends her days working on her farm. My step-father has not retired yet, so she runs the the day-to-day operations tending the garden and taking care of the cattle.

My step-mom and my dad are both retired and enjoy working in the yard, visiting extending family and 'junking' - she likes to take old things and re-purpose them.

Both women have taught me to be strong, smart and independent. Though they each have their own unique way of sharing their beauty, they have taught me many life lessons.

Mom encouraged me to be leader, and my step-mom reminded me to be a positive one. My step-mom encouraged me to always put my best face forward, and my mom reminded me that includes using common sense and thinking for myself.

Both women encouraged me to be more selfless by example. My mom and my step-mom both made many sacrifices in their lives so that their children could live better lives, and I am so thankful to have each of these amazing women in my life today. Cheers, and Happy Mothers Day! I love you, both!

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