Halloween - the time for scares, screams and haunted anythings. If you're in the mood for combining all of those, try visiting one of the haunted places right here in Texas.

Texas is known for its uniquely authentic culture and lifestyle, but would you have ever guessed that it is also home to tons of haunted places? Apparently it is, and Halloween sounds like the perfect time to go visit them!

If you chose a town anywhere  in Texas, more than likely you would be able to find something there that people would say is haunted. This list only includes a few locations, but there are dozens of them to explore. Would you go visit these Texas treasures or would the idea of the hauntings scare you off?

Texas White House

This Fort Worth bed-and-breakfast has had three ghostly experiences occur in the Lone Star Room. All three occurrences have involved a woman staying alone in the room and feeling the presence of another person in bed with them. It is believed that the ghost is the husband of the only family that ever resided in the home because he died there and the Lone Star room would have once been his bedroom.

Adolphus Hotel

The 19th floor of this Dallas hotel is the center of paranormal activity according to guests and staff members. When the hotel was originally constructed, the 19th floor was home to the extravagant ballroom but in order to keep standards high in the hotel, renovations were made to accommodate more guests in luxurious style and the ballroom was sealed off. Many guests and staff members have reported hearing big band/swing style music playing softly as well as piano music late at night. Additionally, it is believed that a few guests who once stayed at the hotel never left - one who frequents the bistro and one who wanders the hall crying while searching for her husband-to-be who left her at the altar.

Catfish Plantation

This Cajun-homestyle restaurant in Waxahachie is known as the scariest restaurant in the United States. It is said to be haunted by three ghosts - Will, Caroline and Elizabeth - who were previously residents in the house before it was converted into the restaurant. Both staff members and customers have felt a strange presence, seen inanimate objects move on their own and witnessed cold spots throughout the house. Additionally, alcoholic beverages seem to arouse even more paranormal activity.