As we all know, being a cop is a very tough job and with The Great Resignation continuing, police departments all across the country are truly struggling to find people who want to be police officers. That problem is true for the folks in Hawkins, Texas and unfortunately, their police chief is leaving for that reason....but he has an interesting second job he can take on if he so chooses.

Hawkins Police Chief Manfred Gilow Resigned On Tuesday

Gailieo YouTube
Gailieo YouTube

According to KETK, The Hawkins City Council had a meeting on Tuesday and after discussing for two hours during an executive session, they accepted the resignation of the Hawkins Chief of Police Manfred Gilow. Gilow was hired on as chief of police for Hawkins in 2019, after years of previous law enforcement experience in other East Texas cities.

Gilow Cited Budget Concerns And Lack Of Applicants To Join Police Force As Reasons For Him Stepping Down

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Google Maps

A new city manager was hired three weeks ago and Gilow went on to add that the department is understaffed and they have been unable to fill open positions that have been available for several months.

“The fact that we are understaffed in this police department. I have two openings in the last seven months. We cannot fill them. Nobody wants to do this job anymore and sure enough, not for 15-16 dollars an hour. Target has 25-dollar minimum wage,”



But Did You Know That The Now Former Police Chief Is A Big YouTube Star in Germany?

Despite his resignation, Gilow could have a bright future as a YouTube star thanks to his backstory. Gilow is a German immigrant born in Berlin who moved to Texas and started a family and worked his way up to police chief in Hawkins. His story is an inspiring one that earned him the nickname "Der Germinator" and lots of attention in his native country.

His YouTube Channel Showcases Some Of His Adventures As Police Chief

Unless you're fluent in German, you'll have to turn on the subtitles to understand what's going on as Gilow takes you through some of his adventures in Hawkins while explaining it all in German. His YouTube channel has over 8,000 subscribers so I wonder if he plans on building on that audience with more videos? In the meantime, we wish Chief Gilow in the best in his future endeavors.

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