'But I didn't mean to do that to my bed!' I can totally hear one of my beloved Mastiffs saying that to me, just like Hogan did in this hilarious Facebook video that a friend tagged me in.

We've all had that dog that got separation anxiety or that was scared of storms. How does a dog relieve stress? They chew, of course! Just like Hogan did, apparently! Trust me, I know about this first hand. I lost a sectional couch to a dog!

I am absolutely in love with my Mastiffs and would not trade them for the world! I have two rescues. One is in an English Mastiff named Cajun and the second one is a Mastiff/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (we think), named Cyrus. If you love these gentle giants as much as I do, give Hogan a follow on Facebook. The page is Hogan's Adventures and you're guaranteed to get a laugh from Hogan and his fur parent's antics! He already has over 29,000 followers!

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