The adorable sweetness that is ‘American Idol”s Hollie Cavanagh sang a little Pink in a little pink dress; and while she looked perfect and sang ‘Perfect,’ as it turns out, she did not have a perfect performance. Does this mean Cavanagh will be in the bottom three again this week?

Every week we see Hollie try so hard to be perfect, and this week she didn’t quite get there. Jimmy Lovine and Akon both encouraged her make the leap to being a professional and really want it, but she couldn’t quite deliver the goods. She hit those last notes like a pro, but she still couldn’t sell it to the judges. She just didn’t stand out among the other very fierce competitors.

J. Lo said she could feel her fighting and wanting to be perfect. And, while she didn’t see perfection, she did say Cavanagh should be very proud of what she had done. Steven Tyler was very clear that Cavanagh’s  performance was not what he had hoped. He said, “It’s not always about being perfect. It wasn’t perfect for me tonight.”

Later, Randy Jackson came to Cavanagh’s defense a little bit and told her she had redeemed herself from last week. Once again, the judges can hear that Cavanagh has the voice of an idol, but there’s something they’re just not seeing in her.

Cavanagh outted herself after her performance when she told Ryan Seacrest that what she thinks before she goes on stage is, “Don’t mess up.”

Watch Hollie Cavanagh Perform ‘Perfect’ on ‘American Idol’