Last night's all-new 'Homeland' episode "Two Hats" threw quite a few new complications into the mix, compounding the effort to stop Abu Nazir's imminent terrorist plot with a development that, shall we say, hit closer to home!  Indeed, one of Carrie Matheson's team isn't exactly who they claim to be, and it's up to Saul Berenson to figure out their purpose.  To that end, he'll need to meet with Dar Adul (F. Murray Abraham), as seen in the latest clip from next week's "Broken Hearts," but what of Carrie and Brody?  Find out the latest inside!

"Broken Hearts" would have been the least of everyone's worries if Abu Nazir had successfully carried out his terrorist plot on last night's 'Homeland' "Two Hats," but the latest clips prove the threat goes even deeper.  In addition to the still-elusive Abu Nazir, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) finds himself tasked with uncovering "Quinn" (Rupert Friend)'s true role in the intelligence operation, with the help of legendary operative Dar Adul (F. Murray Abraham)!

Of course, Carrie and Brody still have their own issues to tend to, as Brody negotiates stepping down from Congress, while Carrie lends a sympathetic ear.  Will the two of them be able to ride into the sunset, as she no doubt secretly wishes for?

Check out the latest clips from Sunday's all-new 'Homeland' episode "Broken Hearts," and give us your predictions in the comments!