If you're a football fan, you know that the Houston Texans had a shot at the #1 seed in the playoffs, which would have given them a week off to rest and await their next opponent. But they lost to the Colts yesterday, and the cards fell in a way that drops them to the #3 seed, meaning they have to play this weekend.

And oh, those Cowboys...what happened this season. Cowboy fans are in a funk today, and taking back all the bragging they did this season on Facebook. The 'Boys are out of the playoffs after losing to the Redskins on Sunday night.

The NFL has announced the playoff schedule, and the Houston Texans will play the first game of the postseason on Saturday afternoon at 3pm. The Texans host the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Texans win, they would have to play at either Denver or New England the following week. The Redskins host the Seahawks Sunday afternoon.

Tony Romo's game on Sunday was mired by interceptions and questionable decisions, and The Washington Post is running an interesting article today about the weight that will be on Romo's shoulders through the off season. (Not to mention the weight that will be on the shoulders of Cowboys fans, who are waiting for a return to the success the team had in the early 90's with Troy Aikman at the helm.)

Former Cowboys coach, Wade Phillips, is now the defensive coach for the Houston Texans. Will Cowboys fans get behind the Texans in the playoffs? If not, it will be a long off season. The Cowboys first game of the 2013 season won't happen until Sunday September 8th.