Back in July, I ran across the news that Pillsbury is releasing cornbread you can pop from a can. I was instantly intrigued and needed to try them. Every time I was at the grocery store, I would search them out. I finally found a can and tried them out for you.

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Who doesn't love cornbread? Especially the cornbread your grandmother would make in her 60 year old cast iron skillet. So good. Even better, add some jalapenos to give that cornbread a nice kick. Well hell, time to make some real cornbread tonight.

But, as we tend to do in today's society, we need something quick and easy. That's where Pillsbury comes in. Back in July I told you that Pillsbury would be releasing some cornbread you could pop from a can. I finally found a can and, let me tell you, for a $1.60 (give or take) can of premade cornbread, it's not bad at all.

All you have to do is preheat your oven to 375. Then pop the can (there is something so satisfying about popping a can of biscuits, in this case, cornbread) of cornbread swirls, place them on a pan, set your timer for 14 to 17 minutes and boom, quick and easy cornbread.

Now, it is certainly not what your grandmother used to make. The cornbread is nice and soft with a little sweetness to it. I'm not a fan of sweet cornbread and some can be over powering but the sweetness is just slight. Overall, I think it's really good and certainly quashes a cornbread craving.

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