By now, it is clear that the effects of the coronavirus stretch well beyond our physical health.  Obviously, you should be washing your hands in order to protect yourself from contracting the virus - but, are you taking any other precautions?

Doctors recommend a 2 week isolation if you come into contact with someone who has been infected.  Just so you know, that isolation is way more than taking time off of work.  If it happens to you, you will need to acquire 2 weeks worth of supplies so that you don't leave your house at all (not even a quick hop over to the Chick-fil-a drive through).  That means you need to either buy 2 weeks worth of food, water, toilet paper, medicine, etc. (it's way more than you think), or get someone on the outside with a haz-mat suit willing to deliver things to your doorstop without any human interaction.

Water from the sink is OK, but if you have water that doesn't smell/taste/look the cleanest - I suggest a water filter.  Toilet paper is easy, just get a lot.  Food's gonna be trickier.  If you get sick, you probably won't feel like cooking and may not be able to hold down solid food.  Lots of crackers and soup will work, but for 3 meals a day for 2 weeks - you're gonna need a little variety.

Oxford Mail has put together a very comprehensive list/plan for your possible self-quarantine here that includes how long you can freeze things in case you want to meal prep for being sick in advance.

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