Today is National Girl Scout Leader's Day, and I am here to celebrate the greats.

My daughter, Willow, is a Brownie Scout. She has been a Girl Scout for the past three years. I was not allowed to join as a child so when Willow expressed the desire to be a Girl Scout, I leaped at the chance.

She has grown in exponential ways since becoming a Scout: she is not afraid to ask someone to buy some cookies, she has made friends for life, and she has learned that it takes effort and hard work to earn a Girl Scout Badge.

There are many prominent women in the world who were Girl Scouts and they had strong and dedicated Troop Leaders who guided them to greatness. That is my hope for my child.
We salute and thank all of you Girl Scout Leaders on this happy day!

The coronavirus has halted not only physical Girl Scout meetings but also the sale of thousands of boxes of their famous cookies. As soon as the lockdown is lifted, you can be sure that there will be dozens of Girl Scouts near you ready to sell you a coveted box of those dang Girl Scout Cookies!

The Troop Scout Leaders in Willow's troop are the best! They created a photo collage to encourage everyone to "Stay home so we can deliver and sell you cookies after we flatten the curve, stay safe!"

If you want to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies, it can be delivered right to your door during the coronavirus lockdown! If you personally know a Girl Scout, ask her if she has a Digital Cookie website*. I just ordered four boxes of the Thin Mints, Samoas, Lemon-Ups, and Do-Si-Dos!

Willow has a Digital Cookie link, but the National Girl Scouts does not allow Scouts to promote them on public social media, so if you are willing to pay the shipping fee, send her message here to add you to her public Scout cookie Facebook page. She will be able to add you as a friend and then send you a private link.

*Shipping will take anywhere between 2 to 15 days for delivery to your door, pending any COVID-19 restrictions.

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