BuzzFeed has come up with the strategies you need to win at five classic board games, including Monopoly. If you love to play games like I do, this is a must watch. I'll be taking notes.



First up, Monopoly, I struggle with this game. Over the years I've tried several different
methods, but the last time I played my boyfriend beat me soundly.

  • Buy everything you land on - except property sets already owned by more than one player
  • Build houses on your lowest valued properties first - they cost less and are worth it early on
  • Later in the game, stay in Jail for as long as you - you'll keep earning money, and pay nothing
  • The orange properties are the most valuable - they are the most landed on, due to their
  • location from jail.

Next, Connect 4, I haven't played this one in years... but I did see a giant version at Dave and Busters a few weeks ago, now I know how to claim those tickets!

  • Drop your disc in the bottom, middle column - even if both players play perfectly, you will
  • always win within 41 moves
  • I've alsways struggled with chess. Learning how each piece moves is first and foremost, but then playing someone with the skills to challenge you and learning strategies is a must.

Check this out - they claim they can get you to Checkmate in 4 moves while playing chess.

  • Checkmate in 4 moves - using your bishop for protection, move the queen in for the kill

I picked up on this Hungry Hungry Hippos trick as a kid, and never lost!

  • Don't just mash the lever
  • Keep the mouth propped open, hold the lever about 2/3 the way down - stray balls will roll
  • into your mouth

I've never played Battleship. I always thought it as more of a 'boy' game, and lost interest...
but here are the tips and tricks to sink your opponents ship.

  • When hunting for enemy ships, imagine the ocean as a chekerboard
  • Never strike within one space of a miss - this will cut the need for random guessing by half
  • If you hide smaller ships at a 'T' - you opponent may be fooled and attack elsewhere


Now you can conquer your opponents at your favorite games! I know I'll be making a play date soon with Monopoly - I've got a re-match in my future!