Wendys Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit

Talk about time-sensitive Longview (and beyond, really) news stories! I was minding my own business being nosy on the internet and came across a headline that said, "Free chicken biscuits: Here’s how to score breakfast this week at Wendy’s."

I nearly threw my back out jumping so fast out of my bed. They had me at WENDY'S and FREE!

Why is Wendy's giving out free food? What's the catch (there's always a catch, amirite)? Well, the catch with this free chicken biscuit is that it's only available via drive-thru or in-store. Sorry, we can't get this free biscuit delivered to us. (Booooo!) KETK news reports the free food is part of a promotional deal for March Madness, which officially began this week. Wendy's is apparently the "official breakfast of (the NCAA) March Madness" games. What? Get outta here, that's cool.

WENDY'S March Madness Free Chicken Biscuit

Wendy's is one of my favorite fast foods, you can ask my daughter Willow if you don't believe me. Every week we have "Fast Food Fridays" at my house. That means I will order Domino's Pizza for Willow and Wendy's for me. She always gets the thin crust pizza with extra pepperoni and extra sauce and cut into squares. I always get two junior bacon cheeseburgers (no lettuce), medium fries, and a small chili. Since Wendy's ((2417 Gilmer Rd) is right up the road from Domino's (2906 Gilmer Rd), it works out great for me because that means I won't have to drive too far to get dinner. It's a win-win!

Wendy's in Longview, TX
Joanna Jones via Google Maps

Is this "Honey Butter" chicken biscuit at Wendy's is making you hungry but you don't want to drive? Thankfully, we can order pretty much anything and get it delivered from Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, or Seamless.

This freebie only lasts through Saturday, March 20th, FYI. So if you are hungry in the morning this week and don't feel like cooking, maybe go get yourself a free chicken biscuit sandwich? Wendy's now opens at 7 a.m.!

If you are looking for local places that offer chicken biscuit sandwiches (but not for free, mind you), then check out Chicken Express (2702 Gilmer Rd) 'cause they have a snack pack that comes with a side dish, a piece of chicken (or 2 chicken tenders), and a biscuit! Plus, it's right up the road from Wendy's!

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