A frustrated man on Reddit vented about how his pregnant wife has apparently been drinking all of his "rare" tea — and she even commented on his post!

"So like any family we drink more than just water. My wife buys crystal light to put in all her water, buys those sugar free carbonated ice drinks, currently has two Olipop sodas in the fridge, and some ginger ale," the man wrote via Reddit, adding he doesn't like carbonated drinks, "so I really just stick to water and tea."

He added they also buy "liter bottles of a few Japanese tea drinks" and when he's able to find it, "a milk tea drink that is a relatively rare find."

He explained that his wife has "full reign" of the fridge, but becomes upset when he requests she doesn't drink the milk tea, which is his "favorite treat drink."

"Though I'm not really enforcing any kind of hard rule and I always let her have a few sips when I get a glass if she doesn't have one as well," he continued, noting he recently found a glass of tea left on the counter before his wife asked for another glass.

"I said she's drinking more of it than I am and she absolutely raked me over the coals for it," he continued, adding she called him "selfish and a brat," letting him know "that she likes it too, and that I can't have it all to myself."

"She has already drank about two to three times more of the tea in the carton than I have," he concluded. "Am I being unreasonable about this or should she be more receptive to my requests?"

One of the first comments under his post was from a user claiming to be the man's wife.

"Hey, wife in question here. This tea WAS a rare find for many years but we have currently found a reliable source that we can go to any time and restock," she wrote. "Out of the last 3 bottles I have had 4 8oz glasses of his precious damn tea. He is being a brat."

She then revealed she is "pregnant" and has been suffering from "horrendous" morning sickness.

"We have a great relationship, he's just being petty and posting this here because he knows I follow this sub religiously," the comment continued. "I was short with him earlier about it and I do feel bad ... I'm very barfy but he honestly had it coming because he's being crazy about this."

Other users were baffled by the man's post, with many dragging him for failing to mention that his wife is pregnant.

"OMG SHE'S PREGNANT??? And you're b---hing about tea???" one person wrote, while another commented: "The pregnant lady has had morning sickness all day. If the tea tastes good to her and she can keep it down then let her enjoy the tea."

Another offered up some wise advice for the disgruntled man. "Listen... buy extra tea, hide some of the tea, do not tell her you hid some or she will find it. I hide chocolate from my husband all the time," the user commented.

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