Remember when it snowed a bit ago? My 4th-grader child, Willow, LOVED it.

Ever since Willow was a baby, whenever it snowed, she would run outside in our apartment courtyard, bend her little baby knees over, pick up a tiny scoop of snow in her mittens and then EAT it.

"Nooooo!" I would scream and run after her. (She was a fast little thing, quick on her toes.) "You can't eat the snow, it's nasty!" I told her. One time, she stuffed both of her coat pockets with handfuls of snow only to cry later in the day when she saw the snow had melted away. I tried to warn her but she wasn't listening to a word her mom had to say. KIDS!

This same scenario happened year after year whenever it snows. "Don't eat the snow!" I warn her. She doesn't listen. Honey Badger don't care.

Fast forward to Willow being 9 years old, still not paying her mom's warnings any mind, and if I tell her there's snow on the ground, she will run into her bedroom, put on her boots and coat, and then dart outside to go eat the snow.

I have my reasons for not wanting her to eat the fresh snow. Actually, just one reason, AIR POLLUTION. I have no idea what pollutants she's swallowing down her little body. She might wind up and eat nuclear active snow and grow a third eye like that fish in The Simpsons, wasn't his name "Blinky"?


The last time it snowed, I was too tired to argue with her about putting that mess in her mouth. If she hasn't listened to me for all these years, why would she start now?

So I have decided, if your child wants to eat snow during the COVID pandemic, just let them! I give up! We are not expecting any more snow in East Texas (for a while anyway)!

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