I just found out today that two more friends have been diagnosed with Covid. Members of their families have contracted it, as well. After seeing a leveling off of cases in September, the last few weeks have seen a surge in the virus.

The Texas Tribune reported some hospitals "were forced to put beds in hallways" [and] "intensive care units exceeded capacity" as recent as a few weeks ago.

This isn't over, y'all. Health officials report the significant rise of infections, as well as "the number of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 is also ticking upward." DFW, West Texas, and the Panhandle have seen an increase in cases, but the worst is currently El Paso.

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The Texas Tribune spoke with Dr. James McDeavitt, who is the dean of clinical affairs at the Baylor College of Medicine, who told them he's "no longer pondering if we're going to see a surge. We're already seeing it." Instead, health officials are looking to discern the severity.

Continuing to debunk the rumors that Covid doesn't affect the young, most of these new cases have been those in their twenties or thirties--people who are generally less likely to have the health issues of older people. Granted, Covid tends to be less invasive in the young, but the concern remains about spreading it to those who are more vulnerable.

The good news is that this time around, Texas hospitals and clinics are more familiar with the virus and know better about how to treat the disease, including the use of anitviral meds used in a timely manner.

And yet. There is concern that as temperatures drop and more people stay inside, the rate of infection could up. Please keep staying safe: wash those hands, wear that mask, and be careful as we go into the holiday season.

For more on the current state of Covid in Texas, take a look here.

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