This may not hold any "world" of even "Texas" records, but this is a big burrito that you could order for yourself.


The Challenge

By now you've all read of the Big Texan Steak challenge. Without getting too far into the details of that, if you can eat it and all the sides you get it free (and your name and bragging rights live on in infamy). So imagine the steak challenge, all rolled up into one giant, monster, burrito.


I've seen any number of you on my Facebook feed asking, "Where can I get a really big burrito?" and some people even stating that they found a place that serve burrito's "as big as my forearm". All of those are child's play next to this burrito from Taco's La Shula in Orange, Texas. The Gusto Burrito is filled with beef, rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce (and possibly more) and is ten pounds and three feet long! Oh, and there's a few jalapeno's on the side you have to finish as well.

New York?

We also have to tip the hat to a burrito in Brooklyn, New York at a place called, "Don Chingon". The idea was developed in Austin, Texas to come up with a 30 pound burrito called the "Gran Chingon". The burrito is so massive, competitive eating groups won't allow the challenge and describe the possibility of one person eating it as "not humanly possible" (most who try stop short of four pounds).

Just For Drill

Back to that 10 pounder. I'm sure some of you think you could do it, but you might want to watch the competitive eater below before you consider it. She does complete the challenge, but it's a massive undertaking. I just don't see how she does this, but she does.

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