The leader of the Autobots is committing crimes in Texas.

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The arresting officers in Austin, Texas probably had a chuckle when they pulled over a 37-year-old man last week. On June 4th, Austin police pulled over a suspect for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The vehicle was coming up that it was stolen. When police pulled over the suspect they were shocked to see the name on the license.

Optimus Prime Arrested

Mugshot from Travis County Jail
Mugshot from Travis County Jail

This is not a street name or a nickname. This guy's legal name is Optimus Prime Blakely. Sadly this Optimus Prime has turned to a world of crime and not helping fend off the Decepticons here in Texas. His truck counterpart is probably very disappointed in his recent crime activity. Sadly, we don't have a description of the truck that was stolen, but hopefully it was not red and blue.

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Optimus Prime was Once in Texas

Fun fact, Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise once kicked some butt on a small ranch just outside of Austin. The town is actually Manor, Texas which is just about 40 minutes outside of Austin. Hopefully, the town of Manor doesn't meet the Optimus Prime that allegedly likes to steal trucks in Austin.

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