Wear your sunscreen in the 10 cities below because the heat and sunshine are NO JOKE!


10 of the HOTTEST Cities in the Country


Phoenix residents experience some of the highest temperatures in the country. Temperatures in this area can easily peak above the 100-degree mark daily.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn't just filled with casinos, it's also full of uncomfortable heat.

On average, nearly 20% of the year has temperatures hitting triple digits. Las Vegas has recorded an all-time high temperature of 117 degrees, several times.

Tucson, Arizona

Summers are blistering hot in Tucson, Arizona. Back in 2013, the city suffered through triple-digit temperatures for 39 days straight.

Riverside, California

Riverside, California is a pretty hot spot and not just the community. The city has had an all-time high temperature of 118 degrees, which is absolutely miserable.

San Antonio, Texas

First Texas town on the list! San Antonio might have delicious food but they have disgusting heat waves. On average, the city stays in the 90-degree area for 110 days out of the year, as well as several days in the low 100s.

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The temperature might not be the highest on the list, but when you factor in the humidity, the feel-like temperature can reach over 110 degrees.


Not only is Houston one of the hottest cities in the country, but it's also one of the wettest, averaging 100 days a year with rain.

Fresno, California

Fresno is a massive city with over half a million population. This means, that over half a million people are sweating! Back in 2018, temperatures stayed at a minimum of 100 degrees for 30 days in a row.


Since Dallas has more distance from the coast it allows temperatures to peak higher. High temperatures can still be felt in September.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando might be near the water, but that isn't enough to keep this place cool. The city has reached up to 103 degrees and rarely drops below 60, even in the winter.

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