Aiden Shaw could be returning to the Sex and the City spinoff series And Just Like That.

John Corbett, who plays Shaw, was spotted filming season 3 of And Just Like That in New York City on May 21, according to Entertainment Tonight.

In pictures obtained by the outlet, Corbett can be seen in character as Shaw with a cigarette in his mouth while he is holding a duffle bag. In another picture, Shaw is seen hugging Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays love interest Carrie Bradshaw in the show.

Not much else is known about how Corbett's character will play in the new season, which has yet to receive an official air date as of reporting. However, the show is slated to return sometime in 2025.

Spoilers Alert below:

Season 2 of And Just Like That saw Bradshaw and Shaw in tough place. Shaw is now a divorced dad and a father of three boys. He is now living in Virginia. However, he and Bradshaw rekindle their romance all for it to go awry in final episode of the season.

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Bradshaw throws a lavish dinner party to say goodbye to her brownstone abode before she moves into the new place that she purchased to be with Shaw. It all goes wrong that night when Shaw visits her and reveals that his 14-year-old son has broken several bones after getting into a car accident while high and drunk.

Shaw shares that he is no longer willing to split his commitments and tells Bradshaw that he needs to be with his children in Virginia. While he assures her this is not a breakup he asks for five years to get his son out of his teens.

The couple says goodbye after a night of passion and Shaw leaves in the morning.

What the next season will bring is unclear.

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